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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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THE VOICE by Thomas Hardy

In this essay i will analyze Hardy’s deep relationship with Emma, his dead wife. I will focus in the language he uses and how he develops his feelings throughout thepoem.
The poem is about a man (Hardy) who regrets about the relationship he used to have with his dead wife, he sseks redemption. The ‘I’ of the poem is he, Thomas Hardy.
The poem is divided into fourstanzas of four lines each.
In the first stanza, he talks about the Emma, how much she has changed from the person she used to be when they were happy and together, as in:‘‘...saying that now you are not as you where...’’ ; ‘‘... when our day was fair...’’.
The author uses repetition onthe first line so he can emphasize his feelings, this gives to the reader a deeper sensation of what he is feeling:‘‘... how you call to me, call to me...’’.
In the second stanza, he recalls their past and happy moments they used to have together before she died, he’s not sure about the voice he hears. Thefist line has a rhetorical question:
‘‘... Can it be you that I hear?...’’.
He repeats the word ‘then’ for giving emphazising that part of the poem. There is an imagetoo:
‘‘... standing as when I drew you then...’’.
With this sentence I can interpretate that she used to wait for him near the town so they can go anywhere the want to love eachother.
In the third stanza, he doubts she’s no more there, he wonders. Hardy realizes that the voice he hears is not her voice but the wind, so he despairs, as in:‘‘... or is it only the breeze...’’; ‘‘...heard no more far or near...’’.
The fouth stanza is more shorter than the others....
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