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-brief introduction
* literally means. victory or conquest
* a major Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO),
* founded by Yasser Arafat,Khalil Al Wazir , Farouq Kadumi, Khalid al-Hassan and other Palestinian refugeees in Kuwait between late 50s and mid 60s.

In 1959 the party started to get created by refugees indifferent parts of the Arab world.
Started as a militant organization to recruit as much Palestinians and Arabs across the Arab world, to fight Israel along with other Arab armies.
-Involvement in Arabcountries example Jordan after 1967. Battle of Karameh, Fatah and other Palestinian armed groups were the target of a major Israeli Defense Forces where the Fatah headquarters – as well as a mid-sizedPalestinian refugee camp – were located.

Black September 1970
- Fatah and other Palestinian militias began taking control of civil life in Jordan
- They set up roadblocks, publiclyhumiliated Jordanian police forces The Jordanian government moved to regain control over its territory, and the next day, King Hussein declared martial law, and attacked all those Palestinian militias andregained controlled.
- Fatah and other Palestinian organizations were kicked out of Jordan and moved to Lebanon

In Lebanon, Fatah got involved and tried to help out with Lebanese civilwar, then against Israeli army defeated them and kicked them out to Tunis, where it became their HQ.

-elections 2006
-In the January 25, 2006 parliamentary election, the party lost its majority inthe Palestinian parliament to Hamas, and resigned all cabinet positions, instead assuming the role as the main opposition party.
- west didn’t recognize the victory of Hamas.
- President remaindMahmoud Abbas
- Prime minister Ismael Haniyeh

-Fatah vs. Hamas
-Hamas majority in Gaza Stripe,
- fatah is in west bank.
- Hamas doesn’t recognize all peace treaties done made by PLO and Fatah...
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