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After an awkward moment when the twins are in the same room, Louis is restored to power. Meanwhile, Porthos and Aramis approach Athos's estate en route to Belle-Isle. They decide to pay their oldfriend a visit. Athos has been consoling his son, Raoul, whose heart was broken by La Valliere. Porthos still believes that he's accompanying Aramis on a secret mission for the King, a mission for whichhe will be handsomely rewarded. Aramis tells Athos the real reason behind their flight from Paris. Aramis and Porthos take horses from Athos and continue their journey to Belle-Isle.

Monsieur leDuc de Beaufort is the next visitor to Athos's home. He is about to embark on a military campaign to Africa and wants to say good-bye. Raoul immediately begs permission to serve as the Duke'saide-de-camp. Athos is deeply upset because it's clear to him that Raoul is going into this war with a death wish, but agrees to let Raoul go.

Beaufort directs Raoul to the coast of France to prepare thearmed forces. Athos accompanies his son to the coast. Before they leave, they search out D'Artagnan to say their good-byes. Unfortunately, D'Artagnan has already left Paris. After a little sleuthing,Athos and Raoul determine that D'Artagnan is heading to Cannes. Luckily, Cannes is along their route. The two men assume they will meet D'Artagnan on the way.

As they head to the coast, Athos andPorthos don't hear anything about D'Artagnan. Athos assumes D'Artagnan is being deliberately secretive while on a mission for the King. A chance encounter with fishermen convinces Athos that D'Artagnan ison the island of Ste. Marguerite, forcing Philippe into a life of captivity. The two men go to the island and catch up with D'Artagnan. They also meet Philippe, who is now forced to wear an iron maskand is forbidden from communicating with anyone. During the visit, D'Artagnan is summoned back to the Louvre to serve the King. The three leave the island together. As D'Artagnan makes his way to...
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