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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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What’s your name?
Angela Pavey.
Where are you from? Lo decidí a los pocos días del primer beso, y ahora: si me va a romper el corazón,que valga la pena.

Toronto, Canada.
How long have you been here?
I’ve been here for about 9 years.
Do you like the weather today?Yes, I love it, it’s not raining.
What do you like about oaxacan food?
I love oaxacan food. Mole and tlayudas are my favorites.
What’syour favorite place in Oaxaca?
I have a house here; I think that’s my favorite place.
Have you tried mezcal, tejate or chapulines?
Yes Ihave. And I like mezcal and tejate, chapulines not so much.
What do you think about Oaxaca?
I think it’s a beautiful city.
Do youthink Oaxaca is a clean city?
Unfortunately some parts are not as clean as I would like to.
What do you think about Oaxaca people?
Is this your first time in Oaxaca?
No, and to be honest I don´t remember how many times I’ve been here.
Angela pavey is fromToronto, Canada, she has been here for about 9 years and this is not her first time here.
She thinks Oaxaca is a beautiful city thoughsometimes is not as clean as she would like to, her favorite place in the city is her house.
Angela loves oaxacan food, her favorites aretlayudas and mole, she likes mezcal and tejate too.
She likes today weather because it´s not raining.
She thinks Oaxaca people are awesome.
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