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Harry potter y las reliquias de la muerte
(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

It is that disappear many muggles(are people who have no magic), By that kill mortifagos.
Take care to harrypotter that they want to kill so that their friends along with teachers of the school hogwarts arrive asu home for llevarselo even place safer but to the mortifagos do not realize that harry potter isgoing to another side his friends taken the posion multijugos that is so that all is combiertan and are seen as harry potter and thus not ivan to know which was the original, all were left to see in thehut where the family lives weasley but did not have that in the way were to find with Lord Voldemort and their mortifagos so that the attacked Voldemort realized who was Harry so we began to attackleaving hagirid unconscious Harry Potter is defend as he could But Voldemort was very strong and appeared Hedwin was his bird of Harry and defend attacking Voldemort but it was impossible and died inthe attempt.
All arrived wing livestock of the Weasley but one of the twins get injured and gave the news that ojo loco Moody died.
The other yesterday a wedding married one of the weasley but whenit was Brings the minister of migia and they entrust an inheritance to Harry poter, Germione granger and Ron Weasley but it is important that i leave it to Harry the sword of gryffindor q was verypowerful wedding reach the mortifagas to attack all Harry potter along with your friends Germione granger and Ron Weasley were transported to another place to which does not do harm to Harry, HarryPotter dicidio start a search for all souls that djo Voldemort one of them was the book and are now with a guardapelos so harry potter try destroy it along with their friends but it is impossible for onlythe sword can do.
Burst into the Ministry, recover the guardapelo of possession of Umbridge, and will disappear in a forest. To destroy the guardapelo, but is indestructible, for what they are...
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