Purificacion de agua

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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2010
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With this project we want to show an effective way to purify ocean water. Our main objective is to take the salt off the waterso then this water can get through other purification processes and finally be ready for consumption. Water, as we all know isindispensable for us, without it we cant live so we must find effective methods to use it. The ocean is enormous but unfortunately we cant use itbecause it has a large amount of salt on it.
This project consists in making a prototype of an effective way to separate the saltfrom the water of the ocean.
1. Boil sea, salty water on a “olla” and then wait until it gets to its boiling point.
2. Place amirror vertically on top of the “olla” and another receirient at the side.
3. The vapor will go up to the mirror and form drops ofwater that will flow until they reach the second receipient.
4. This process must continue until there is no more water left on the first“olla” and the salt is left alone.


This method can be a applied to treat ocean water and make it pure.

Inconclusion, our experiment works and we think it is a very easy and efficient way to purify water. After going through this process water is notready to be drunk it is only free of salt but to take this salt off from the water is essential for it to be later purified even more.
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