Que es un americano

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Who is an american?
Feel proud of belong to America
I have been influenced from american culture and I thought I knew it untill I came here.
this is not always the egocentric, fat, sports freackand racist culture that the media picture
giving a selfish version of an american the most of the time that makes everybody thinks
that Americans are coldhearted people without feelings
Ifound out that Americans cares about others and support each other when they are in
Eventually others cultures get to know them, they can see more about them than what
they thoughtbefore.
I think being an american is the same feeling with every country. the feeling of belonging
to a place it´s when people feel the losses and the victories of their country and just feelhappy when
something good happen to it
People here feel proud of being part of this big nation and get together everytime another
american is having bad times
Every nation has a similar way tofeel about its country because I, as mexican feel the
same way when somebody talks about Mexico wich makes me feel proud
Sometimes I wonder. Why it is so important to be an american? Why doeseverybody see
the american culture higher than their own?. Why does everybody know America? I think
it is just because America shows everything its people does. i think that the answer is
becauseamerican people think they are the best so the rest of the world think the same.
people here don´t care what other think about them and they feel free to do whatever
they want to do . somehow thisfact can be a good thing because it talks about people
who are really confident and sure about their life. We dont have this in Mexico, we are
really concerned about what others think about usand sometimes we dont do what we
want just for the fear of people criticizing us.
America is an independent country from all the world suspicious of other countries. It can
be egocentric...
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