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Who was Steve Biko?
Steve Biko is a serious and handsome young black man. Steve is married with Ntsiki and has two children. He is also a banned person which means that he can only be in his banningarea and he is able to speak only with one person except his family. Biko got in this situation because he fights for more rights for the black. His fight is without weapons. Steve always goes outof his banning area and so once he gets caught and brutaly murdered by the police.
What did Woods see at the black town of King William’s Town?
There were little houses some with electric light,other with oil lamps. Smoke from wood fires hung over the whole area, several old men were cooking outside. Women carried buckets of water from taps on the street and Men were stood at their doors,watching the street. Also he saw gang of young people walking down the streets looking for trouble.
What did black people want to change and their beliefs?
They would like to break all the fences, moveall over the places, and let black liberal gradually fit white people into their society. They wanted to be what they are. They didn’t think that life was unless competition, they wanted to teachwhites how to live together. Black society believed that they could teach other societies.
How was Captain De Wet?
De wet was a official in a police station in King William´s Town, he wanted to worstto Biko. One time he hit Biko across the face, knocking his head to one side to another and bringing blood to his mouth, he hatred Biko. Also he was one of the man that Dilina recognized at the oldchurch when some attacked it.
Why couldn’t Woods go to New York and what did he want to do there?
He wanted to go America to talk about Biko and the way he died, because if he told about it inSouth Africa. There wasn’t any newspaper willing to fight the government on the matter. In the other hand he tried to escape making a plan but in spite of using a false passport, he couldn’t get...
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