Questionnaire of the mother charty

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Questionnaire of the Mother Charity
Where she was born?
She was born 14th August 1860 in Kaltbrunn, St Gallen (Swiss).
Who were her parents?
Her parents were JosephSebastian Brader and Maria Carolina Zahner.
When she entered to the religious community?
She was very young woman joined a community of religious Franciscan dedicatedto the contemplation and the education.
When she received the Nuns habit?
At March 1st, 1881 she dressed the habit of Franciscan, the receiving Mother Charity’s nameof the Love of the Holy Spirit.
Where she travelled?
On June 19th, in 1888 the Mother Charity and her companions made the trip to wards Chone, Ecuador in 1893. TheMother Charity was destined for a foundation in Tuquerres Colombia.
What did she do in her apostolic activity?
In her apostolic activity, she could arrange very well thecontemplation and the action. She was exhorting her daughters to an academic efficient preparation.
What did she say before dying?

You don't abandon the good works ofthe Congregation, the charities and a lot of charity with the poor, a lot of charity among the sisters, adhesion to the bishops and priests

How did she work using theirvirtues?

She worked constant and with animosity all their life to acquire a solid humility, having this virtue like base and complement of all the other ones.
Whendid she die?

February of 1943, 27 in Pasto-Colombia, suddenly she said to the nurse: "Jesus, I die" they were the last words, with those that she gave their soul toGod

What we can take out of the Mother Charity conclusion?

One can deduce that the Mother Charity was a person surrendered completely there to God and the siblings.
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