Questions with how

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|"Questions with how" |
|1. How are you?|______ Too much for a slim young boy. |
|2. How old is your mother? |______ Ratherinterminable, about 3 hours! |
|3. How long is this film? |______ About 800km, I think.|
|4. How many friends have you got? |______ It is the third town in France; it is a very interesting place. |
|5.How heavy is your son's bag? |______ I am not very well, at the moment. |
|6. How much money has Paris Hilton got?|______ More than 8000m, it is such a gigantic mountain. |
|7. How far is Paris from Marseille? |______ It is incredible!She is one of the richest women in the world. |
|8. How high is the Everest? |______ It is a way to learn a list of questions beginning withHOW. |
|9. How big is Lyon? |______ She is seventy. |
|10. Howuseful is this exercise? |______ A lot, I am so glad! |

|"Questions with how"|
|1. How are you? |______ Too much for a slim...
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