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SALKJFHASDJFHASLKDJF ALSKDJFALSKDJFH LASKDJFHAL SDKFA ALSKDJFALSKDJFHAL LASKDJFH ALSKDJFHAL LSDKFJAS DLFAKSDJF ALSKDJFHALSKD FALSKDJF ALSDKJF ALSDKF ALSDKJF ASLDK FLSAKDF ASDF ASLKF ALSKDFJ ALSKDJFALSDKFJH ALSDF ALSDKF ALSDKF ALSDKF ALSKDF ALSDKJF ALSKDF LASKDJF ALSKDJF ALSDKJF ALSKDF ALSKDFLAS DF ASDLFKJA LSKDF LASDKJF ALSKDJF ALSDKJFHA LSKDJFHLASKDJF LASKJDF LASKDJHFLASKD FLASKDJF ALKSDJFALKSDJFHLA SKDJFALK SJDFHLAKSDJFHALKSDJF ALSKDJFLASKDF ALSKDJFHLAS Eco was born in the city of Alessandria in the region of Piedmont (northern Italy). His father, Giulio, was an accountant before thegovernment called upon him to serve in three wars. During World War II, Umberto and his mother, Giovanna, moved to a small village in the Piedmontese mountainside. Eco received a Salesian education, andhe has made references to the order and its founder in his works and interviews.[1] His family name is supposedly an acronym of ex caelis oblatus (Latin: a gift from the heavens), which was given tohis grandfather (a foundling) by a city official.[2]
His father was the son of a family with thirteen children, and urged Umberto to become a lawyer, but he entered the University of Turin in order totake up medieval philosophy and literature, writing his thesis on Thomas Aquinas and earning his Laurea in philosophy in 1954. During this time, Eco left the Roman Catholic Church after a crisis offaith.[3] After this, Eco worked as a cultural editor for the state broadcasting station Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) and also lectured at the University of Turin (1956–1964). A group of avant-gardeartists, painters, musicians, writers, whom he had befriended at RAI (Gruppo 63) became an important and influential component in Eco's future writing career. This was especially true after thepublication of his first book in 1956, Il problema estetico in San Tommaso, which was an extension of his doctoral thesis. This also marked the beginning of his lecturing career at his alma mater.
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