Raúl gonzález blanco

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Raúl González Blanco

Facts & Background
• About:
Raúl González Blanco is considered one of the best player of his country, Spain, and one of the best of the world. He is anintelligent forward who possesses great qualities. He is admirable because he has a passional delivery in every match. Now he plays as forward in the German equiptment “Schalke 04”, to which it came in Julyof 2010 after forming part of the payroll of “Real Madrid CF” from 1994.

He is a Spanish footballer who played for Spanish giants “Real Madrid”. Raúl was born 27th June, 1977 inMadrid, Spain, and he has been living there for his whole life. He grew up in the Marcony colony of “San Cristóbal de los Ángeles”. A modest district of Madrid. His father Pedro was a supporter of“Atlético del Madrid”, where Raúl played as a young boy.

Raúl was a key player in Real Madrid's last six big titles, three European Championships (1998, 2000 and 2002) and three NationalChampionships (1999, 2001 and 2003). After Fernando Hierro retired from the Spanish national team in 2002, Raúl became the captain for Real Madrid and Spain. Finally, Raúl declared on 25th February, 2009 thathe may well end his professional career at “Real Madrid” in 2010.

On 26th July, 2010 he made official his march of “Real Madrid” and he went to “Schalke 04”. Raúl played his first match with theGerman equipment in the “Supercopa” of Germany on 7th August, 2010. In the third meeting that disputed with “Schalke 04” en “ Liga de Campeones”, he mark 2 goals that turned him into the maximum scorerof the history of the European competitions with 69 goals equalizing Gerd Müller and Filippo Inzaghi.

•Personal Details
Raúl was born in Madrid, son of Pedro González, an electrician, and MariaLuisa Blanco, a housewife. Raúl married with the exmodel Mamen Sanz on 1st July, 1999.Of this marriage Jorge (2000), Hugo (2002) have born, the twin Héctor and Mateo (2005) and Maria (2009)....
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