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Important Information for Windows NT 4.0 ATI Graphics Driver



May 1999


READ THIS FILE COMPLETELY BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO USE THIS PRODUCT!____________________________________________________________



Known Problems
Reporting Problems



This file contains important information for Windows NT 4.0 ATI graphics driver software.

The Graphics device drivers supplied here are for the Microsoft RetailRelease of the Windows NT 4.0 operating system.

The drivers will substitute 640x480 by 256 colors if the mode selected is NOT supported by the ATI graphics hardware.


Known Limitations

Some applications do not handle 24bpp and 32bpp properly, producing incorrect colors.
Hardware acceleration is notsupported for 8bpp and 24 bpp in D3D and OGL.

What to do if "ACCELERATOR not found" message appears:

• Is there another adapter card in the system that CONFLICTS with I/O locations in the 350-35F hex range? Relocate the I/O to 300 to 31F range.

• Currently, NT4.0 does not take advantage of AGP memory.

• OGL will not work unless the NT 4.0 Service Pack 3, or greater, is installed.Please see Microsoft for the latest operating system update.

• OpenGL acceleration is only available for 16bpp and 32bpp.

OpenGL Information for Rage128 NT driver

Application Issues

The following issues are currently under investigation, and updated drivers will be made available as soon as possible.

SoftImage is broken when using hw accelerated page flipping (majority of the screendoes not show up). In order to use SoftImage with this release, page flipping must be disabled via the OpenGL public panel.

The OpenGL public panel allows the user to modify the behavior of the OpenGL driver. There are several buttons the user may toggle to achieve improved performance or better quality. The user may opt to simply select either the 'Performance' button or the 'Quality' buttonwhich will set the individual buttons to the desired settings. See the help included with the panel for more details.

This panel is accessible through the Display Properties applet as part of an installed Rage128 driver set. If the OpenGL panel is not displayed in the Display Properties applet, the registry can be modified to enable it. To display the OpenGL public panel, set the value 'OpenGL'in the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\ATI Technologies\Desktop, to one (see instructions below).

Notes regarding certain OpenGL games
OpenGL is an advanced 3D API available to games and applications. Some OpenGL games and applications were designed prior to the recent high-end capabilities of Rage 128.

ATI recognises the need to address these kinds of situations, and have placed a number of options inan ATI specific Control Panel. Included in these control panels is the ability to enable or disable certain backward compatible features as well as enable or disable performance enhancements. If you cannot access these control panels, a solution is provided below.
A solution to this problem: To make available the ATI Control Panels for OpenGL on your system, simply perform the following:

1)Run RegEdit (Click on Start, then RUN, then type in REGEDIT and press ENTER)
2) Locate the ATI registry directory: [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software\ ATI Technologies \ Desktop ]
3)If the keys D3D and OpenGL do not exist, right click on the "Desktop key". Select "Add new DWORD Value".
4)Give the word the name OpenGL, and set it to the value of 1 to enable the panel.
5)Repeat the procedure and...
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