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Objetivos: Leer comprensivamente un texto.
Realizar ejercicios usando el presente continuous (futureactions)


1.-Read the following text and comment it with your classmate

Global warming is a very important problem, because it affects us all, even when we don’tnotice this, one example of this is climate change. We have to take proper measures to fight against this. If we do not help our world, soon we will not have a world to help.

• We will becomesuperheroes and will help the world to be a healthier place to live if we take some small measures.

• If we buy organic food or grow our own vegetables we will contribute to have a healthierenvironment.

• If we bring cloth bag to the markets or supermarkets we will avoid plastic bags pollution.

• If you plant a tree you will save the earth

• If you use the 3rs you willcontribute to stop global warming.

• If we don’t let the water running or dropping we will waste less water.

• We will avoid wasting energy if we:
✓ Put our computers into sleepmode instead of a screen saver
✓ Unplug electronics you don’t use
✓ Turn off the light when you are not in the room
• If we use energy saving bulbs we will save 60% to 65% ofenergy in our houses.
• We will also save money if we adopt power saving routines.

Now, let’s think a little bit about this topic. It is amazing how we can save energy as well as money just bytaking these simple measures. Next to what we usually do everyday these actions are small and do not affect our lives in a bad way. On the contrary, we can make this planet a better place to live forour future generations!

“Modern Society will find no solution to the ecological problem if it doesn’t take a serious look at its lifestyles.” Pope John Paul II

I. Read the following...
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