Reality is portrayed in fiction- cien años de soledad

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Chapters 1 to 3 "One hundred years of Solitude"

Reality is sometimes reflected in fiction. This is absolutely true. In this first section of the book relating the first three chapters, there areseveral times where Gabriel Garcia Marquez state some realities. After every march of the year, where gypsies visit the small village of Macondo bringing new inventions from all over the world JoseArcadio Buendia began new studies and thinking about what is more outside of the village of Macondo. This obsession of trying to discover more things day after day using his own knowledge of astronomyand alchemy he become to isolate from everything including his family.
After his discovery that the world was round, he and a group of another men begin a journey to discover the sea. Several daysafter his prolonged path to find the sea, they found a place where the finally could rest after two weeks of eternal walking. The next day when they wake up they were atonished with the enormous thing infront of their eyes. It was an old Spanish galleon. Jose Arcadio Buendia disappointed by their journey to finally find the sea leads the men back to Macondo and assumes that Macondo is surrounded bywater on all sides. In page 22, Jose Arcadio Buendia discovered the Spanish galleon. It is stated also in the same page that after several years after, his son Aureliano Buendia found the galleon andrealized that it was not part of the imagination of his father what he had told. Indeed, his father did not assumed how that galleon found a path to be there and it was because the sea was not so faraway. In page 30, it says how the french Francis Drake assault the city of Riohacha in the XVI century, were Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula use to lived. It also says that when they got married anddecided to leave that town they went on the contrary of Riohacha, meaning to the south. That explains how the Spanish galleon were found so close to the sea and Jose Arcadio ignoring this. Here,...
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