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Opening Study – 10% of Time
Tactical Puzzles - 20% of Time
Endgame Study – 10% of Time
Analyzing Your Games – 30% of Time
Analyzing Master Games– 30% of Time
These chess tips come from what I have been able to find from Grandmaster advice. Generally the largest results when you first begin playing chess will be from tacticalpuzzles. If you are new to the game, this is where you are going to want to spend the most of your study time.
For opening study, it's recommended to select your favorite openings, andstudy them in depth. Then give some cursory study to other openings, but not as deep. This will help you avoid common traps and positional mistakes in the opening.
Endgame study andpositional concepts are very important. Don't neglect the endgame or you won't win very many games, even if you reach it with a slight advantage!
Not enough can be said about studyingboth your games and Grandmaster games. I recommend you study every standard time game you play, and blitz games as well that you think have something educational in them. There are agreat number of Grandmaster games on this site, along with top level tournaments. Browse them without computer assistance, and write down things you notice in the game or just makemental note of them. Try to understand what the Grandmaster is doing and try to predict their next move. Over time, you should get better at seeing the next move in the game.
Finally,play lots and lots of games! Try to get both online games in and over the board games at a local chess club. If you're like me and don't have an established chess club nearby, then playonline as much as possible. I recommend the Free Internet Chess Server with the Babas chess client. Check out my video on "Using the Free Internet Chess Server" to get started..
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