Reflections on the book “gung ho!” written by keneth blanchard and sheldon bowles

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Reflections on the book “Gung Ho!” written by Keneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

“The Buddhists say that the master appears when the student is ready” (Blanchard K. & Bowles S. “Gung Ho!”). This is one of the most inspiring phrases in the “Gung Ho!” book, that gives us a very brief indication about what the book may mean for our personal and professional development.
Gung Ho! Tells us thestory of a Company which is situated in what looks like a small town probably in the mid west of the United States (judging by the description on the book). The story begins with an end and written with a novel style in first person it’s developed with the difficulties and challenges of Peggy in charge of the Company, which, with Andy’s help becomes a “Gung Ho company”.
The company, which iscalled by the authors “Walton Works #2”, has red numbers and is most likely going to close its operations, but Peggy’s courage and the change-appeal, combined with Andy’s wisdom, is the formula to take the company to a different level and change it forever. Nevertheless, the great thing about this book is not the result and the final ending, but the road that took Andy and Peggy to this end.
Thisbook generates in its reader a series of important reflections and fundamental lectures. All of them are dependent one of the other in order to follows the right ending for the company. Next, I’m going to detail what I’ve considered to be the most important reflections on the book, and then I will talk about the fundamental lectures this book has to offer.
Important Reflections
- The conversionfrom “furious employees” to “furious fanatics of the organization employees”. – This was the first title meant for this book, but I believe that the title explains what Gung Ho can achieve and what the companies’ should achieve as well. Fanatic, well motivated, energized employees.
- Team Mates instead of workers. – Many can consider this change of words as a vane thing, however, people like tofeel important, and under this statement it is necessary for all of us to be treated as equals. Some organizations are calling their workers and employees as “partners”; I consider this term very appropriated as well.
- It all depends on the power to look at things clearly. – This statement is not only interesting, but very powerful, because it tries to eliminate the usual myopia in themanagers, full of pessimistic thoughts, and replace it with a new vision that leads us to a better quality of life.
- The information is everyone’s property. – The authors emphasize on the matter of true information. I believe that being truthful and having a good communication are the keys to get the trust needed to get to the Gung Ho momentum.
- Being a leader in knowing where the company is going sothe team mates can take it there. – The comparison that the authors make of a company with a football team is great. It shows us how the leader should take actions, empowers people, and gives freedom of choice to its team mates.
- The old habit can only change if replaced by a new habit. – I don’t believe this reflection is entirely true. If we take a smoker for example, to stop smoking manytimes he replaces his old habit for a new habit like eating chocolates. However, there is a true possibility that the smoker could eliminate his old habit without getting into a new one.
- The difference between participation and compromise. – The example that the authors gives us about the chicken and the pig lets us see that the true compromise is to give up even life in order to follow acause.
- The congratulations are better if they are spontaneous, individual, specific and unique. – From this statement I believe that the most important thing in the “individual” part. If we congratulate everyone, is like not congratulating anyone. We all want to feel unique in order to be motivated, and we can see an example of congratulations when in a soccer game better than anywhere else....
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