Reparacion de sistemas solares heliocol

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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2012
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Replacing a damaged riser tube
In the event of a riser getting damaged and leaking, one of the advantages of Heliocol collectors is the ease with which the leaking riser can be removed, the leakrepaired, and a replacement riser attached to maintain the uniform appearance of the panel. A damaged riser is replaced using a Heliocol riser repair kit (consisting of two rubber sleeves and twoplastic plugs), and the broken riser itself.
Note: Water does not run through the replacement riser. The purpose of the replacement is only to maintain the uniform appearance of the panel.
Figure B1:Heliocol riser repair plug (left) and sleeve (right)

Cat. No.1202910 for panel with header ribs Cat. No.1203910 for panel without header ribs

Figure B2: Heliocol riser repair tools:

SpecificHeliocol repair handle Cat. No. 1202880

7 mm Chisel

Important: Do not use a chisel more than 7mm wide, as you might damage the adjacent risers as you remove the broken riser.

1 Using a 7 mmchisel, and holding the flat side of the chisel towards the header, cut through the damaged riser, flush against the header. A round hole is created in the manifold header.
Repeat at other end of riserand save the removed riser for use in the repair.

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2 Spray the rubber sleeve with silicon spray
and pull it over the small metal pin of the Heliocol repair handle.

3 Stretch andrelax the rubber sleeve couple
of times over the metal pin.

4 Using the repair handle gently push the rubber sleeve into one of the holes created by the removal of the riser, until only the head isshowing.

5 Push a plastic repair plug all the way down into the repair sleeve. You may use the rear part of the handle to push it firmly into the sleeve. 6 The hole is plugged and will not leak.Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the hole in the header at the other end of the panel.

7 Cut the removed riser so it fits exactly between the broad heads of the plastic pins. 8 Fit the riser onto the stubs...
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