Resumen del libro robinson crusoe de daniel defoe , en ingles

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Chapter One: My first sea journey

It tells the story of a boy
He had father and mother, and also a good family business.

He wanted to find a good job for hisson (not wanted).
His dream was to become a sailor.
One day a friend offered to go with him to sail, he said yes.
At first he felt fine and wanted to go home.
But the friend managed to convincehim.
He came to London, where he stayed for a while
until a man told him that if he wanted to go with him to Guinea, agreed.
But everything went wrong and the pirates (thieves) made them prisonersin their boat.
In the end, the captain made him his slave .

Second chapter : Down the coast of Africa

For two years he lived as a slave.
He tried to escape, and asked for help to Xury
( heaccepted. )
Then sailed whit the boat. ( his captain )
Get to Africa (they were afraid)
Africa people helped them and gave them food.
After , he killed an animal and gave them their meatPortuguese captain that was going on another ship, they helped.
Portuguese captain told them they could bring to Brazil, but refused to pay him
(Were going to Brazil)
'Xury sold into slavery, and hewas to start a new life

Third chapter :The storm and the shipwreck

While in Brazil he became rich, had an easy life in Brazil.
but again was to sail to Africa.
There was a very strong storm andhad the idea it was going to die.
Then the boat broke and had to take a smaller boat, which also broke and fell into the water.
He did not see anyone around, and came to earth
thought it was onlyand all their friends had died,
He had nothing.
and was scared and was all night in a tree

Fourth chapter : A new life on an island

The next day, he was swimming
to the boat
and had totake all the food, after take a food had to get back to shore.
He was looking for a place to store your food ...
climbed the highest hill
and built a house with a cave (the kitchen).
He was so...
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