Resumen vida john galliano (inglés)

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John Galliano, Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillén. His parents were a gibraltarian plumber and an andalusian housewife.
He was born on 28th November in 1960 in Gibraltar.
He moved to London whenhe was a kid and he studied in the Wilson’s School of Wallington. In 1984 he was graduated in Fashion Design in the famous St. Martin’s School of Arts, with a collection inspired in the FrenchRevolution, “Les Incroyables”was named. After that, he established his own brand with his name, beginning a big fashion career as designer.
He received the Year British Designer’s award in 1987, 1994 and1995. In 1997 he shared this award with Alexander McQueen, his successor in Givenchy.
In the 90’s, Galliano went to live to Paris for find a financing and costumers for his brand. Surprisingly, in1995, Bernard Arnault, owner of the LVMH group, assigned Galliano for the designer position in Givenchy. For that reason, he became the first British who will manage a French fashion house.
However, itdidn’t last a lot of time, because two years after, he was named the Dior’s designer, up to date. It was rumored that designers like Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier were between competitors,but despite this, Arnault chosen the youngest one.
John tried to produce his own collections in an independent way, apart from Dior. He received support of the American Vogue’s edition,particularity of the publisher, Anna Wintour. Her help was search a financing and introduce him to the high society’s woman. But however, it didn’t have success.
His work in Dior was very important because herenew a brand that was declining. And he got to improve the prestige of fashion trade.
His love for the theatre and the femininity plays an important part in his creations.
“My aim is seduced”, hesaid.
Also, he said that Charlize Theron was his muse. Currently, she is the face of the J’adore parfum’s publicity.
Galliano managed to do 6 collections of Haute Couture and casual clothes per...