Retail management

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Customer service retailing:
If we talk about the services offered by our business, we would be talking about our employee’s procedures into giving our customers the friendliest reception and stay during their time in Wallflower. In fact, our consistent employee’s evaluation and beginner’s waiter training seminars will push these concepts so they can become a part of our company culture. In fact,we will consider our employees as salespeople of our coffee shop. For instance, their customer interaction will be molded so the employee can use marketing procedures in order to retain customer’s loyalty and satisfaction.
There will be a lot of other supplemental services which will be critical for our business. For instance, we will provide our customers with Wi-Fi throughout their visit ofour establishment. This element will be highly used since a lot of our target markets are art students from schools. We will also be selling art equipment and other school supplies if needed by our customers. Concerts will also be featured during the weekends in order to push our uniqueness in comparison to other coffee shops. However, there will be a fee that relates to this service. But, webelieve that such fee will be small in relationship to the return that the customer will get in satisfaction.
Referring to the service quality dimensions that we will emphasize, courtesy will take an important role during the session trainings and seminars. In this way, we want to ensure that our employees behavior reflect politeness and care. Responsiveness will also be important in our employee’sbehavior—especially since it will be a big part of their constant customer’s evaluations. In other words, we want to ensure that our employees take care of our customers in a fast pace basis. Thus, we think that our target will see a big difference in comparison to our rival coffee shops.
Considering our company’s specific situation and customer’s needs, CRM will play an important role in order tomaximize profitability and customer’s satisfaction. Thus, we will rely on a CRM implementation of training techniques gear towards pushing the art theme into our customer’s service. For instance, our employee’s will be encouraged to suggest to our customers the use of our art supplies and the realization of how innovative and unique our coffee shop is. Also, customer interaction will be highlyevaluated in all of our employee’s performance appraisals. And, most of our marketing strategy will be concentrated into pushing and selling our company culture of friendly and consistent customer care.
If that wasn’t enough, we will also consider a variety of alternative customer retention strategies gear towards building customer relationships and loyalty. For instance, we will be giving couponsfor discounted coffee to our most loyal customers. Also, during our busiest days, we will be using more employees, even if it is in part-time basis, so our customer won’t be waiting to serve for an irrational amount of time. A previous background of working in the service industry will also be highly considered into our selection strategy. In this way, we want to make sure that retention andrelationship building is not just another concept for them.

Advertising and Promotion:
The promotional mix consists of a blend of internet marketing, direct mail, sales promotion and advertising. We are going to start advertising in schools billboards were students can be aware of our products and coffee place, since signs are one of the most effective and efficient means of communication. Thesigns are going to help students to find us and also will help to us to present to them a preview of our image and our environment. Consequently, we are going to hand over flyers near campus, libraries and shopping centers these flyers will include coupons so our new customers can go and try our coffee by the purchase of any other product
Our target market is young, given that, our internet...
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