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March 2002


PAN 1 00 PAN 400
DESCRIPTION The ILFORD range of PAN 100 and PAN 400 black and white camera films are not generally distributed and sold worldwide, they are only made available in selected markets. ILFORD PAN 100 is a medium speed black and white film which offers outstanding tonal rendition, together with fine grain and high sharpness. PAN 100 is suitable for mostgeneral purpose indoor and outdoor photography applications where good lighting exists, it is particularly suited to portraiture. When processed as recommended PAN 100 produces negatives that allow a high degree of enlargement. ILFORD PAN 400 is a fast black and white film ideal for action, available light and general purpose photography. It has fine grain for its speed and excellent contrast andsharpness combining to give excellent image quality. Both films have a high degree of exposure latitude, 11/2 stops under to as much as 5 stops over, making them easy and reliable to use in difficult lighting conditions. PAN 100 and PAN 400 are available in 35mm and 120 roll film formats. PAN 100 and PAN 400 35mm films are coated on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and available in DX coded 36 exposurecassettes suitable for all 35mm cameras or in bulk lengths of 17 and 30.5 metres (55 100 ft). PAN 100 and PAN 400 120 rollfilm is coated on 0110mm/4-mil clear acetate base, edge numbered 1 to 19.

EXPOSURE PAN 100 film has a speed rating of ISO100/21º (100ASA, 21DIN, EI 100/21) to daylight. With suitable development good quality images canalso be obtained at meter settings between EI 50/18 and EI 200/24. PAN 400 film has a speed rating of ISO 400/27º (400ASA, 27DIN, EI 400/27) to daylight. With suitable development good quality images can also be obtained at meter settings between EI200/24 and EI 3200/36. The ISO speed rating for each film was measured using ILFORD ID11 developer at 20ºC/68ºF with intermittent agitation in a spiraltank FILTER FACTORS PAN 100 and PAN 400 films may be used with all types of filters (eg colour, polarising and neutral density filters) in the usual way. Follow the instructions given by the filter manufacturer. The exposure increase in daylight may vary with the angle of the sun and the time of day. In the late afternoon or the winter months, when daylight contains more red light, green and bluefilters may need slightly more exposure than usual. Cameras with through-the-lens metering will usually adjust the exposure automatically when using filters. With some automatic exposure cameras, the correction given for deep red and orange filters can produce negatives under exposed by as much as 11/2 stops.

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PAN 100 & PAN 400 MAKING LONG EXPOSURES For exposures between 1/2 and1/10 000 second, no adjustments are needed for reciprocity law failure. When exposures longer than 1/2 second are given, PAN 100 and PAN 400, along with other films, need to be given more exposure than indicated by a meter. Use the graph to calculate the increased exposure time which should be given once the measured time is known.

175 150 125 100 75 50 25 Adjusted exposure time (sec)






Measured exposure time (sec)

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PAN 100 & PAN 400 CHOOSING THE BEST ILFORD DEVELOPER FOR THE JOB Manual processing (eg spiral tank, dish/tray, deep tank) and rotary processors PAN 100 Best overall image quality Finest grain Maximum sharpness Maximum film speed One-shot convenience Economy Rapid processing Replenishable Liquid ILFOTEC DD-X ILFOTEC DD-XILFOSOL S ILFOTEC DD-X ILFOSOL S ILFOTEC DD-X ILFOTEC LC29 (1+29) ILFOTEC HC (1+15) ILFOTEC HC Powder ID-11 (stock) PERCEPTOL (stock) ID-11 (1+3) MICROPHEN (stock) ID-11 (1+1) MICROPHEN (1+1) ID-11 (1+3) MICROPHEN (1+3) – ID-11

PAN 400


Powder PERCEPTOL (stock) ID-11 (stock) ID-11 (stock) MICROPHEN (stock) MICROPHEN (stock) PERCEPTOL ID-11 (1+3) MICROPHEN (stock) ID-11 (1+1)...