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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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F F#dim Gm C7/9
F F#dim Gm C7/9

There were bells on a hill

Gm Bbm
But I never heard them ringing

FAm G#m Gm C7/9
No I never heard them at all

F Gm C7/9
Till there was youF F#dim
There were birds in the sky

Gm BbmBut I never saw them winging

F Am G#m Gm C7/9
No I never saw them at all

F F7/9Till there was you

Bb Bbm FThen there was music and wonderful roses

D7/9 Gm D#5 G7 C7/9 C#5
They tell me in sweetfragrant meadows of dawn and dew

F F#dim
There was love all around

Gm BbmBut I never heard it singing

F Am G#m Gm C7/9
No I never heard it at all

FGm C7/9
Till there was you

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