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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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Topic: Coaching RPA – Ricky Thomas is Lynn Bosco’s Supervisor in the blending department of a large pharmaceutical company. Lynn has been a hard worker ever since she started in the position butlately Ricky has notice that Lynn’s work is beginning to deteriorate. Ricky has talked to Lynn about this before without a good outcome and he suspects that the problem might be financial so he decides tocall Lynn into his office for a coaching session.

Two Positive Areas

1. My partner mentioned as one of my positive areas that I asked questions about Lynn’s possible reasons to be declining inthe number of batches that she usually mixes in order to figure out ways to help her improve.
2. A second positive area will be the fact that I showed good listening skills by making eye contact andparaphrasing (skill that I’m trying very hard to improve), in order to show genuine interest on what is going on Lynn’s personal life that could be affecting her development in the company.

TwoAreas for Improvement

1. The first area that needs to be improved is the fact that I tried several times to resolve the issue instead of trying to get Lynn to come up with solutions and help herdevelop action plans. In this case for example instead of saying: “I think that in order for you to get back in track on the job you need to think about what it is that you want to be doing in the nextfew years and aim to it, whether getting the educational qualifications that you need to advance in your carrier or to start saving some money to pay for your debts” I should have said: “What do youthink it will help you get back in track? What can I do to help you? I know that you have been applying for higher paying jobs within the company, but you don’t have the necessary skills. Do you thinkthat you can take the time to take some courses and better your qualifications?

2. Another area that I need to improve is that I did not demonstrate unconditional positive regard and sometimes my...