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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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Individually make a presentation about how to improve physically as intellectually using the grammatical structure and vocabulary related to personal care, food and personality being learned in thecourse.
First to improve physically, we have to be healthy people so we need to be in shape. What we have to do is to work out every day from 1 to 2 hours, some activities that we can do is: jogging,going to the gym, or the simplest activity walking. Those activities will make us feel good with ourselves. Another thing we should do is worry about our physical appearance, to do this we should takea shower every day with soap and shampoo in order to take care of our hair, we also should use some tooth paste with a toothbrush to clean our teeth if we don’t do that they will fall. If we havebeard we most use a razor in order to shave, and if we don’t have any at home we just have to go to the store and buy one. We can get a stylish haircut too and use a comb to give some style to our hair.We must have a thermometer at home because we don’t know if we are going to have a fever so we need to know our temperature. And the most important thing is to take care both physically andintellectually, to do this we need to have an ordered life without smoking or drinking alcoholic drinks like beer. We should avoid sugar too if we don’t want to gain weight. Some people just prefer to be on adiet, they just eat healthy food like vegetables like broccoli, fruits and some kind of meats like chicken. So if we want to improve ourselves physically and intellectually we should follow thosetips.

Primero para mejorar físicamente, tenemos que ser gente sana así q tenemos q estar en forma. Lo q tenemos q hacer es ejercitarnos todos los días de 1 a dos horas, algunas actividades q podemoshacer son: trotar ir al gimnasio o la activad más simple caminar. Estas actividades nos harán sentir bien con nosotros mismos. Otra cosa q debemos hacer es preocuparnos por nuestra apariencia física,...
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