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Product Range Power Transmission

Fair. Reliable. Innovative. This is our promise to our customers. And it is the demand we place on ourselves in the Paper, Energy, Mobility and Service markets.





Maxima 40 CC: The world’s most powerful single-engine diesel-hydraulic locomotive. Introduced 2006.

Fair Cooperation
Voith banks on a consistentpartnership and on long-term, trusting cooperation. Long-standing customer relations, some more than 100 years old attest to this fact. We abide by our promises and will never let our customers down.

Reliable Actions
Voith means continuous, dynamic growth with solid returns and annual sales of 4 billion Euros. Our customers can be confident that we will continue to support their objectives – even inyears to come – with integrative and competent cooperation.

Innovative Thinking
For 140 years Voith has stood for inventiveness and innovation: with around 400 new patents per year, with substantial investments in R & D and from the professional accomplishments of our 34,000 employees around the world.

Product Range Power Transmission


As a leading specialist for powertransmission and a solid, competent partner of customers all over the world, Voith Turbo is synonymous with fairness, innovative power and reliability in a wide variety of applications. We work enthusiastically at the development of state-of-the art drive and braking systems for industry, rail, road and marine: mechanical, hydrodynamic, electrical and electronic solutions that drive machines efficiently,move vehicles comfortably, save energy and reduce emissions. Decades of experience with power transmission systems, our broad service spectrum, our professionalism and the entire know-how of our Group of Companies flow into products and systems solutions that are focused on economy, reliability and eco-friendliness – innovations that widen the limits of what is technically feasible and offer maximumbenefit to our customers.



Hydrodynamic Start-up Components
■ ■

Torque Limiting Couplings
■ ■


Safeset couplings Shaft-hub connections

Internal gear pumps for low, medium and high-pressure applications

Constant-fill turbo couplings Fill-controlled turbo couplings

Electric Drive and Hydrodynamic Variable-Speed Drives
■ ■ ■ ■

Hydraulic PowerPacks

Control Technology
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

IP converters IP modules Control armatures Turbine control technology Servo motors Direct slide valves Protective devices


Variable-speed turbo couplings Geared variable-speed turbo couplings Torque converters Vorecon variable-speed planetary gears

System technique

Valvex Valve Technology

Explosion-proof solenoid valves and valveassemblies

Wind Technology

Hydrodynamic variable-speed gears for wind energy plants

Hydraulic Systems
Valve Technology:
■ ■

Highly Flexible Couplings
■ ■ ■ ■

Highly flexible couplings Küsel joint shaft couplings Universally flexible couplings Blind assembly couplings

Universal Joint Shafts Hirth Couplings

Directional control valves Flow control valves Pressurecontrol valves Sandwich plate valves Electro-hydraulic amplifiers

■ ■ ■

Products and Services for Plant Maintenance, Diagnosis and Plant Monitoring



Voith-Powerpack Drive Systems
■ ■ ■ ■

Cooling Systems
■ ■ ■ ■

Scharfenberg – Couplers and Systems

Cooling systems Fans SilentVent Heat exchangers

SmartPack RailPack TurboPack LocoPack

System solutions covering fronthatches including control electronics, impact protection modules, energy absorbing components and complete train front end systems

Electronic Control Systems Hydrodynamic Drive Systems
■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Couplers for standard-gauge railways, metros and trams

TracSys vehicle control VTDC VTCsmart
■ ■ ■

For diesel railcars For shunting and multi-purpose locomotives

Modular coupler...
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