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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Jorge W. Herrera Celis
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I’ll be analyzing the big purchase made by Disney Studios CEO Bob Iger to acquire Pixar animation studio that was founded by SteveJobs, Ed Catmull, and Alvy Ray Smith. The major players here in making the important decisions were Bob Iger in representation of Disney and Steve Jobs in representation of Pixar. Steve knowing howsuccessful Pixar was in the movie animation business knew that they had to expand. Pixar had received various offers from studios such as Lucas Films but not one met the standard which Pixar waslooking for. Steve knew that they had a “necessity of affiliation” with Disney, like Steve Jobs said "Disney is the only company with animation in their DNA, and the only company that we think has thisincredible collection of unique assets like the theme parks, that are very attractive to us as well," Jobs also said on a conference call with investors. "They're the only company who has Bob Iger, who welike a lot and have grown to trust."
Disney also manifested this type of necessity the reason I say this is due to their lack of tech savvy developers that they were lacking of before the Pixarpurchase, and they knew that they would acquire a lot of knowledge from Pixar and would be able to catch up to their competition helping produce these state of the art movies that Pixar was producingsuch as the Toy Story Sequel, Nemo, Cars, etc. These were some of the important factors that motivated them into doing this deal with Disney. I can also point out that you can see how the factor of“involvement with the situation of the purchase”manifested in Disney. Disney wanted a company who didn’t mean a big risk for them and they knew that by purchasing Pixar Studio it would only benefit both ofthem and it was something necessary. In the process of this purchase something that I can also point out is that besides the economic situation that Steve and Bob spoke about, the most important...
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