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  • Publicado : 19 de marzo de 2011
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How to prepare a Séminar
Topic: Animal Cruelty
Place: San José Palacio´s auditorium
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010
Schedule: 9 am to 4pm // Interval : 12pm to 1:30 pm
I hire : One videobinne, the screen and the laptop
I hire: 300 chair and 4 tables.
I hire the Catherine service for a lunch for 300 person
I send the invitations to all my friends and make a lot of propaganda also Iwill go with eight person to prepare the auditorium the Friday
Animal Cruelty is the treatment that causes pain or injury to animals. Some consider only the simplesuffering inflected on others grounds,as the production of meat, for scientific experiments with animal, animal shows and egg and milk industries.
The animal cruelty is one of the components of the triadPsychopaths meet these characteristics in its childhood.
I choose this topic because one day I gona be a veterinarian, and the objective is of this profession is care de animals, for me the animalsare like a person the only difference are that they can´t speak.
The scientist for me are like murders with a diploma, they are person that don´t feel the pain that suffer the animal when make theexams or the test with them
The question here is: Why the people have to wound the animal ?, What is the objective ?
Also the animal abuse can indicate a deeper problem: children who abuse animalscan live in situations of abuse. Cruelty to animals may be the only visible sign of a family where abuse exists: the bullying of children and women usually occurs in private, animal abuse is typicallycarried out in an open and may deny graduating in violence toward people.
Violence is violence: a person who abuses animals has no empathy for other living beings and has the risk of generatingviolence to people.
The judicial system suffers from an overload of work is not considered animal cruelty as a priority over cases of murder, rape, abuse and other violent crime: the effective treatment...