Sense and sensibility

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Jane Austen and Sense and Sensibility.

Some general remarks:
- When reading any text it is very helpful to read a good edition (Oxford Classics) with an Introduction and if possible notes to thetext.
- If you can, underline passages, mark pages, write comments on the book margins… This allows you to find important quotes and identify sections, topics, make connections, etc…
- Look foressential information on the author and the period when the novel was written: What kind of issues were important then? What historical, social, political events took place in that period? What kind ofliterature was produced then?

Pre-reading questions:

1. When and where did Jane Austen live? When did she write this novel?

2. What kind of stories and characters did she write about?

3.What does the title Sense and Sensibility suggest? Find out synonyms for the title words. Look for suitable Spanish equivalents.

4. Have you read any of her novels / watched any film adaptation basedon them?
1. What are they like?
2. Did you enjoy them? Why?

5. Find relevant resources (online) and bibliography to help you reading and understanding the novel Sense and Sensibility. List atleast three examples (two books and an on-line resource) which you consider useful in this case.

Reading Questions: (A longer list will be provided, but you may start by answering these).

1. Whoare the Dashwoods? Whay social class do they belong to? What happens after Mr. Dashwood dies?

2. How would you define John and Fanny Dashwood?

3. Why do Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters haveto move to Barton Cottage? What is the difference between Norland Park and Barton Cottage?

4. What are Elinor's and Marianne's prospects in life? What are Mrs. Dashwood’s plans for her daughters?5. What is Mrs Dashwood's first reaction when Willoughby and Edward Ferrars pay frequent visits to her daughters? Why?

6. Are the two sisters’ attitudes to men similar? What kind of personality...
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