Sexual reproduction

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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1. What does sexual reproduction means?
A: Sexual Reproduction is the feature in an union of pair unlike haploid.
2. Whatdoes a haploid nuclei carry?
A: They carry similar sets of chromosomes.
3. Which is the objective of chromosomes?
A: Give the characteristics to species.
4. Howa Diploid does forms?
A: When a haploid nuclei fuse with a single cell.
5. What does a diploid nucleus contains?
A: Two complete sets of chromosomes

1. The different genes numbers in chromosomes are T F
called Alleles.
2. When a nuclei divides it forms a daughter haploid TF
3. A mating between 2 individuals of the same specie T F
will give up the same genes.
4. When 2 haploid fuse they form aDoploid. T F
5. When the chromosomes split they fuse and they
form a new nuclei.T F


Reading this article I learned that sexual reproduction is the most essential feature in an union of a pairof unlike haploid. When both cells come together they form a new living being. Both nuclei cells have a different gene pattern of chromosomes that are going to give upthe characteristics to the new living organism.

Although that we all know that God was the one that made humans and animals with the ability to reproducethemselves. He got the wisdom to make it so perfectly and making it something really holy and only made it to give a good use of it.

Erick Jair Arreortúa
4to Semestre “A”
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