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Evaluation of this system is based on three functions

* Corrected visual acuity for objects near and far.
* Visual fields and
* Ocular motility

AcuityDetermine near and far central visual acuity in each eye -- the chart should be illuminated at a level of at least 5 foot-candles. Far vision may be tested with the Snelling chart, illiterate Echart orLandolt's broken-ring chart. Near vision must be tested at 14 inches, following the Revised Jaeger Standard.

1. Measure both corrected and uncorrected vision, but use corrected for ratings.
2. UseTable Two (Page 163) to determine the percentage impairment for each eye -- use alternative value for monocular aphakia or pseudophakia if present.

Visual Fields

When a field defect is suspected,binocular visual fields should be tested using the Goldman kinetic outer isopter of the III/4e stimulus or the arc perimeter exam using a 3mm white test target at a radius of 330mm.

Use Estermangrid for determination of binocular field.

1. Transfer readings from validated visual field instrument to Grid.
2. Count dots outside of or on the visual field line (figure 2A, page 165).
3.Multiply # of dots x 5/6 to determine percentage field loss.

Use Monocular field measurements only if heterotropia, diplopia, or absence of one eye.

1. Measure total degrees of visual field retained.2. Use Table 4 (page 167) to determine percentage of loss.



La evaluación de este sistema se basa en tres funciones:

* Agudeza visual corregidahacia objetos cercanos y lejanos.
* Campos visuales y
* Motilidad ocular


Determine la agudeza visual central cercana y lejana de cada ojo – la gráfica deberá iluminarse a un nivelde por lo menos 5 bujías pie. La visión lejana puede ser examinada mediante la gráfica de Snelling, del iletrado Echart ó la gráfica del anillo de Landolt. La visión cercana debe examinarse a 14...
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