Sleepy beauty

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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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1. This is the story of a Queen and a King that live in a Palace full of gardens. They have a newborn daughter.
They are a very happy family…….

2. They are in a party to celebrate theirdaughter’s born.
The King and the Queen have invited the seven fairies who lived in the kingdom. But one of them never received the invitation. So the Princess Baptism’s day, the fairies give her theirpresents….
- “You’ll be the best young”…. “You’ll be the cleverest girl”…..
But the fairy who hadn’t received the invitation came into the Palace, she was very angry and her present to the Princess was:“When you be 15 years, you’ll prick a finger and sleep and eternal sleep….. and only the brave Prince, who go through the bush, could wake up you, with a kiss…..”

3. The Princess is fifteen years oldand there are no needles, nor pins in the Palace to protect the Princess and to avoid she pricks herself…. But among all the presents there is a beautiful doll with big eyes and long tabs….. ThePrincess caresses the doll and she suddenly falls down on the floor as a very Sleeping Beauty…

4. The Bad Fairy makes the Palace gardens are lush and dangerous, to avoid that any Prince goes in thePalace and to find the Sleeping Beauty……
The Palace is completely abandoned and neglected……

5. Very far away from the Kingdom, there lived a very brave Prince, he rides a huge white horse….. he is avery good rider. The Prince’s parents are very proud of their son. They love him.

6. One lovely day the Prince comes to the Palace, he wanted to see that very beautiful Princess called “TheSleeping Beauty”. He rode his brave horse and he went through the bushes in the Palace. Once he went into the Palace he found the poor Sleeping Beauty lying down on the floor……

7. When he realized thebeauty of the Princess, he only thought of kissing her…. And that it was that he did, he kissed the Princess then she awoke from her dream. And all the Kingdom awoke.

8. Soon they prepared the...
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