Snow country ft. othello

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What is love? Ever since I was 16, I have been sharing my way of life with a guy that I loved so much since the beginning of our relationship. Time has passed since we first met and we are about to have our 4 year anniversary together. What I think keeps me at his side is the fact that I got used to being around him. I realize that what keeps couples together is the passion that each partnercontributes to the relationship. The passion alone makes us feel the rush of joy and sometimes all the emotions that a person wants to feel. I believe that human nature doesn’t make people look for the one we believe we belong with but rather to look for someone who will always make your hormones fly every second you spend with that special person. The society makes us believe that once we findsomeone whom you feel good about or you have been with a long time that it means you have to get married. What if you are in the middle of the relationship and you find someone else that makes you vibrate even more?
I think that love is the magic that is felt and after a certain amount of time that flame disappears and what is left is the caring and serenity that we can feel. The passion in arelationship is more than just an emotion; it is a motivation that drives us to our biological lust of reproduction. In the text there is not implication of the need of reproduction but instead the need of the sexual desire. Sometimes that sexual lust motivates us so much that we become blind and makes us fantasize about what we expect from the other person and it doesn’t allow us to see the truth.On the Snow Country story that is what I believe happen to the business man, who is in love of the geisha because she brings him the serenity and the comprehension that he miss in his hectic life and also the woman is seen as an object of beauty so I believe that what move him to keep coming back to that “loved” is that, the serenity and the well understand that she gives to him, without even askfor it. While the fascination that the geisha has about the business man is the appearance that he shows up every time he comes back to her.
It is very natural for a person to feel attract of what we can’t have. Also we are experts creating stories or trying to design what going to happen in our romantic future with the person we can’t have. As show in both books it happen the same thing,the appreciation of each character that they have for their loved. In Othello for example I found people desperate and very passionate for what they do. Othello loves like crazy the idea of been with an innocent girl who idolizes him for his difficult life. There is also the idea of having someone who feed his ego and make him feel as an hero or at least make him feel that someone can actuallyadmire his personality and have a reason to continue living. Desdemona on the other hand is the responsible in fact of what Othello have done to her at the end of the story. Little girls who haven’t live the life enough yet to understand what the meaning of what is life about can get fascinate of whatever. Their attention is so volatile that they can find everything great. Once an older man can withtheir great adventures of life to try to dazzle them, of course the girl going to get excited about and would immediately fall in love. That is what happens with Desdemona in the story.
The image that they both create of each other for themselves is what drives them to a passionate and intense relationship. The differences between them and all the obstacles that at every step that they try tomove in the eyes of the society where their love develops were wrong, that motivate them more to continue doing everything as possible to keep on their relationship. That is where we can realize if the feeling of they both was real or not, because once they get together the first insignificant problem that they got Othello as the grown man didn’t know how to handle it. He realize in a way that...
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