Social barriers in acquaring l2

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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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Social Barriers in Acquiring a Second Language

When we acquire a second language, there are several factors involved in our learning process; this paper tries to explain how the social barriersaffect the second language acquisition. This study sets out to answer the following question: How can we improve our technique for acquiring a language based on socialization? How important are thepsychological aspects in the SLA? It focuses on the importance of the incentive and make clear that there are several models of motivation that are the clue for acquiring the language effectively.According to the socio-educational model by Gardner and Lambert (1972), for acquiring a second language successfully it is needed positive socio-affective variable. There are two different variables: the“aptitude-intelligence variable” which deals with intellectual tasks, as vocabulary or grammar, but not communication which is bone by the “attitude-motivation variable”.
The social group of the learnerinfers in his achievement, because of it, he can have an additive bilingualism, this means that he would perceive the second language acquisition as a cultural enrichment. On the other hand, thestudent can have a subtractive bilingualism, and he would conceive the acquiring as a lost of his identity.
Gardner and Lambert (1959) also say that the social context determines the attitude, whichdetermines the motivation and this influences the linguistic achievements.
This model says that there are two different motivations, which are “integrative Motivation” that is the learner desire foracquiring the language in order to affiliate to a new social group; and the “instrumental motivation” with that, the student is interested in learning the language with practical purposes. However itdoes not imply that the integrative motivation would be better than the instrumental; when there is an urgent necessity to dominate the language, this is a helpful manner for achieving it. Student...
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