Socialism vs. communism

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2012
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Socialism vs. Communism

The philosophy of Socialism is: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his deeds.”, and the one for Communism is: “from each according to his ability, toeach according to his needs. A lot of people think that Socialism and Communism are the same but that’s not true at all. Although Communism and Socialism are ideological principles based on thecentralized organization where the goods and services are produced, owned and controlled publicly, there are some economic distinctions to be considered.
Socialism is an economic system created by KarlMarx in which the means of production are commonly owned and controlled cooperatively. This means that it advocates the vesting of the ownership and control the production and distribution, of capital,land, etc, in the community as a whole. Socialism normally intend to have as many people as possible in order to influence the economy so is opposite from the capitalism because it wants the benefitof the majority and not to of a few minority. The most important of the Socialism is that the people receive as much as they work but the owner of the means of production is the State.
On the otherhand, there is the Communism which is an economic and a political system very similar to Socialism but there also exists some differences between them. Communism is similar to Socialism because bothprinciples are focused on the centralized organization in which the goods are produced and controlled collectively. Also, both tend to prevent the effects of capitalism. However, socialism focused moreon the distribution that take place on the amount of individual’s production of hard work, whereas communism emphasizes that the distribution of goods and services among the public should happen basedon the individuals’ needs. Differences also exist on who controls the structure of the economy, the socialism normally intend to have as many people as possible in order to influence the economy,...
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