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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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My childhood was happy, because i enjoyed life a little more, as I had no responsibilities as far. In a where nothing mattered more to us to that funand nothing else.
Memory how wonderful it was share games with my friends of neighborhood where I live with and my brothers, but they were already alittle big to play. Rainy days we played indoors the house, with dolls, cards, games tables, with soft toys. Were the best. And sunny days we played, tofootball, to the hidden, the spot between the trees, bicycling and make houses in trees. Were my favorites. Thanks to my parents, also my childhood wasfilled with stories that my dad invented for fun, nights and evenings almohadazos of with my cousins ​​and siblings (auch), beautiful songs My mom's ,laughter and cries of my brothers, scolding for being late to my house because was playing with neighbors into the night.
My childhood was happy, surroundedby the love and protection of my family...
At school, I was a naughty girl since we used to do antics with my peers, we liked collect letters, sometimesshe fought me with men kids physically. Little.. :). With the theme of the tasks and duties of the school was responsible and intelligent, not like nowthat I'm not neither. :). It What more I liked about the school was recess,draw, paint and dances that made to year end. Always used to eat gum in classbecause my sister I bought. When you come home from school the first thing what towards was turn on the TV, and always saw cartoons that I loved.