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3 complete the sentences….

1. were
2. were
3. was
4. were, were not

make questions with these answers

1. what did you do las night?
2. were you at kate’s hause?3. ....
4. were you at school yesterday.?
5. had you an english test yesterday?

Read kate’s e-mail and film in the missing words

1. walked
2. started
3. wasn’t
4. stopped5. finished

correct the mistakes there is one mistake in each sentences.

1. he walks to school every day
2. he watched television last night
3. we usually start when it’s notraining
4. you enjoyed cartoons when you were younger

choose the correct word from the box you dont need all the words

1. a sitcom
2. a soap opera
3. the comercials
4. the weather

Giveshort answers that are true for you

1. no, i did not
2. no, she didn’t
3. yes, they did

put the sentences in the right order

1. they weekend the soccer play did on?
Did theyplay soccer on the weekend?
2. night finish my last didn’t i homework.
I didn’t finish my homework last night.

3. Sunday watch she documentary did the on?
Did she watch the documentaryon Sunday?
4. remember birthday she his didn’t.
She didn’t remember his birthday.

Say the words to yourself...

No entiendo esta cosa... xD

Put theses foods in the rightcolumn.





Malik is writing about himself. Choosethe correct words to finish his story

- many
- plenty
- a few
- lots of
- many
- a few

read serena´s story and fill in the missing verbs

1. was
2. gave3. went**
4. watched
5. cooked**

write five things about your last birthday

1. i had a party with my familly and my friends.
2. they gave me some presents
3. 3 of my...
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