Solution to the palestinian-israeli conflict

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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Josué Sandoval Samuel Martinéz

Since the second half of the 20th century there’sbeen an ongoing conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli population, which has left several thousands of casualties along its way; the reasons of this dispute include: the owning of the Jerusalemterritory, border control, and the rights of the refugees from both sides.
The United States and the UN have been publicly helping the Israeli side for almost seven decades, during the last fiscalyear the U.S. provided at least seven million dollars per day to the Israeli group. The number of civilians killed since the year 2000 is approximately 1,072 Israelis and 6,348 Palestinians; leavingthe Palestinian group in an inferior place
Even thought there have been several peace resolutions from the international audience, the solution for the conflict seems to be isolated far away from therest of the world because just a small part of these peace proposals have been taken in consideration, there hasn’t been any real nor feasible agreement, making of this conflict a modern day disputethat seems to have no end.
A two-state solution is currently the most approved and acclaimed by both sides; an independent Jewish state that leaves most of the Jerusalem territory to the Palestiniansis right now what the majority of the population in both sides prefers. Even though this last proposition seems to be the best option for a final and peaceful arrangement, there are still severaldisagrees coming mostly from the Palestinian side, which won’t let the UN give the same rights to Jews when it comes to the distribution of Jerusalem.
This two-state solution was first introduced in 1937and it saw a single state divided in three parts, one Jewish, one Arab, and the territory of Jerusalem controlled by the UN directly, separated from the governments of the first two parties.
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