Solutions must be found to avoid the great extinction

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  • Publicado : 20 de diciembre de 2011
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Solutions must be found to avoid The Great Extinction

Charles Darwin said: "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.” This seems to be happening right now and human beings are causing the Sixth Great Extinction.
Biodiversity is the variety of animals andplants that inhabit the Earth. Nowadays most of these livings are in serious danger by men. Because humans are over-exploiting land resources, polluting the animal habitat and causing the climate change. As a result of all these actions hundreds of species are being extinguished, in other words, they are disappearing, and they will not come back.
Most of the information we receive about protectingbiodiversity has a relation with stopping pollution. But I am going to talk about some alternatives to cease massive extinction on a more direct way: first of all I will explain a campaign of an organization for the animal rights, then I will talk about the nature reserves and finally I will expose the necessity of reducing meat and fish consumption in relation with biodiversity in peril.Greenpeace is one of the most popular non-governmental organization; it has 4 million members and has led a lot of campaigns for animal rights and the conservation of biodiversity. One of the main aims of Greenpeace is to make public the bad conducts about environment of famous brands.
In March 2010 Greenpeace started a campaign against the companies Unilever, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble, whichwere deforesting parts of Indonesia to plant Palm trees. Palm oil is very necessary for cosmetics, food and medicines. But the problem was that while they plant this kind of tree they were not only destroying the peat forest [1], which is fundamental for the greenhouse, they were also devastating the habitat of a lot of species.
Orangutan is one of the most characteristic animals in Indonesia. Someyears ago there were a large number of this animal, however now it is in danger of extinction by the deforestation. Hence Greenpeace decided to focus it campaign in this specie showing orangutans asking for “a break”, or a man eating orangutan fingers when he thought that was eating a Kit Kat (Nestlé product).
[1] Forests appear in places where dead vegetation becomes waterlogged and accumulatesas peat. The peat acts as a sort of sponge withholding moisture at times of little rainfall and absorbing monsoon rains.
This campaign had an amazing effect. Members of Greenpeace spread the word of the deforestation in Indonesia very fast. Social networks were fundamental; people started to write to Unilever, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble in Facebook and let them know about theirdissatisfaction on what the brands were doing to obtain palm oil.
In less than a week Nestlé apologized in public and members of the brand said that they will stop taking palm oil from Indonesia, probably due to the negative image of the company that Greenpeace was spreading. But, anyway by doing this they helped to conserve the habitat of the orangutan.
This is only an example of how each of us can help tosolve animal extinction, because without the comments in Facebook Nestlé would not have stopped what it was doing. And it is important that people get involved in this kind of campaigns because, even if we do not realize it, our actions have an effect. Thus joining organizations for animal rights and trying to be informed of what we buy is a good manner of helping to protect biodiversity onearth. Nevertheless these campaigns not always have such a good consequences; normally they are forgotten and remain almost unknown.
Nature reserves are also very useful to conserve the habitat. Although Spain is not one of the countries with more animals in danger of extinction, it is the third country in the world with more nature reserves. One of the most famous parks in Spain is Doñana in...
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