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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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Colegio Americano Del Pacifico

Research Paper

“S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A”

Instructor: Mr. Carlos Bustamante

Written by: Tanya Rodríguez Díaz

Hermosillo, Sonora, México


Bills Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act are pending in Congress and the Senate respectively and aim to end piracy and theft of materials protected by copyright.
These are someof the laws that SOPA and PIPA follows:
1. Imposed on internet providers act as "watchdogs" to detect illegal content sharing pages and gives them immunity to ISPs block websites if users who have not committed any crime.
2. The Government may shut down sites hosted in the U.S. and allow downloads of content protected by copyright, thereby violating intellectual property, although their ownersare resident abroad.
3. The Justice Department may close web pages without a warrant and charged to prevent revenues from advertisers, block Internet domains and make search engines like Google removed the pages of search results.
4. The U.S. government can prevent the use of the tools used by citizens of China and Iran to circumvent censorship.
“If passed, SOPA and/or PIPA will give theJustice Department the ability to shut down almost any blog or website at will, PLUS it will also do absolutely nothing to stop those that pirate movies or music.”(Derek Broes) As it is said here the law would hold those search engines, portals and websites that publish protected content and links to other download sites. By court order, any film producer who discovers that a site offers illegalcopies of their films, it could force Google to remove it from the search engine results. Sites like Facebook, YouTube or Flickr content should respond to recommend users as there is suspicion of violating intellectual property. Users, therefore, be held accountable to share-in personal sites, social networking and email-links to sites that host illegal copies, but have not done it themselves or tobenefit financially from its distribution.(Forbes. Website)
The U.S. technology community leads the opposition to the law. Mozilla, Twitter, Wikipedia Foundation, Yahoo!, Facebook, Ebay, AOL, Zynga and up to 55 investors and 200 entrepreneurs Congress have expressed concern about the possible impact of legislation in Congress mercado. controversy the texts of the two standards has becomepolitical allies to groups so rare as Michelle Bachman excandidate Republican, Democrat of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul, and Darrell Issa, a member of the more conservative right and one of the greatest opponents of SOUP. In favor of the legislation have also joined the senior Democrat Patrick Leahy, Republican and candidate for the 2008presidential John McCain, the independent Joe Lieberman and the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, Harry Reid. The Chamber of Commerce USA, one of the greatest groups in favor of the legislation, claims that piracy costs U.S. businesses more than 135,000 million dollars a year. (Cbsnews.Website)
"It's not a battle of left versus right," said progressive activist Adam Green. SOPA law andPIPA, both created to save jobs in different industry jobs could be eliminated by creating uncertainty by requiring companies to spend more time monitoring and surveillance of all users share material. They also argue that the U.S. government may order the blocking of websites using similar methods to those used in China or Iran and that, despite everything, the new legislation would not preventilegal copies .Finally warn that the law may fragment internet censor the web, hamper innovation in industries that traditionally have benefited from freedom online and because they assume too broad intervention by the government on the rights of citizens. (How can it Affect you?. Website)

The protest of thousands of internet portals against two U.S. bills showed the unstoppable force of...
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