South africa

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In this work speak him next to South Africa your geography, culture, demography and other specific data.
South Africa is a country with a lot of culture and her tourism now in the worldwide you got too big.
In South Africa there is.

South Africa


The Republic of South Africa this located in the southern extreme of the African continent. You limit East with theIndian Ocean and with the Atlantic Ocean West. For the north you have frontiers with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabue, Mozambique and Suazilandia. The status of Lesotho is a little country completely surrounded by the territory surafricano. South Africa has three geographic main regions: The high plateau, mountains and the coastal seaboard. In spite of counting on two important water systems: TheLimpopo and the Orange, the greater part of the plateau surafricana lacks rivers or lakes on the surface. Through of the seaboard there are beaches and you swoop down rocky with a vegetation of shrubs. The highlands that flow through of the coast, from the Cape Of Good Hope to the Valley of Limpopo, in the northeast of the country, Drakensberg, Nuweveldberg and Stormberg split into the cordillerasde.Behind the elections of 1994, South Africa split into nine provinces politic white-collar workers that are: The Western Cape ( provincial capital and national Cape Town ); The Eastern Cape ( capital Bisho ); The Nothern Cape ( capital Kimberley ); KwaZulu Natal ( capital Pietermaritzburg ); The Free State ( capital Bloemfontein ); The North West Province ( capital Mmabatho ); The Nothern Province (capital Pietersburg ); Mpumalanga ( capital Nelspruit ) and for last Gauteng, ( capital Johanesburgo ).

1,219,192 km ( 470,693 square miles ).

46 million ( UN, 2005 ).

Population density
36.8 for km.

Praetorship ( white-collar worker ). Population: 1.980,000 ( 2001 ). Cape Town ( member of the parliament ). Population: 2.890,000 ( 2001 ).Bloemfontein ( police officer ). Population: 119,689 ( 2001 ).

Politic system
Republic. You got out the independence of the United Kingdom in 1910. Boss of Status and government: President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki ( since 1999 ). Recent history: Basses the conditions of the new Constitution, approved the May 8, 1996 and in force since February 4, 1997, the legislative power a bicameral Parliament resides,compound of the National Assembly House and Provincias's National Advice ( formerly the Senate ). The National Assembly House is elected by universal suffrage under a system of proportional representation and has between 350 and 400 members. Provincias's National Advice has 90 members and six delegates and four special delegates of every an one belonging to the provincial legislatures. ThePresident, designee of the members of the National Assembly House, the executive power with the support works as the cabinet.
Since February 1994 they have celebrated three national elections, as well as premises. Tbaho Mbeki came out elected for a second order of five years in April 2004, behind the overwhelming victory of his game, Congreso Nacional Africano ( ANC ). Mbeki substituted NelosonMandela, when this left around the middle of 1999. The two main national issues Mbeki's Government comes face to face to are the great surge of serious crimes and delinquency and the VIH's pandemia, that he affects 10 % of the adult population. Mbeki's rejection to admit the virus's authentic reach has suspended hard criticisms in the whole balloon and he is common knowledge than this theme

Theofficial idioms of South Africa are Afrikaans, Englishman, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulú, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Siswati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga.

The majority of inhabitants are Christian and practice any one of the cults of the Catholic Church, Anglican, protestant, Calvinista Afrikáner or of them Iglesias Independientes Africanas. Also there are important Hindu communities,...
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