Spanish eating habits

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Spanish Eating Habits

In general, the Spanish eating habits are completely different from most of the rest of Europe, particularly those countries in the north.

The Spanish diet ischaracterized by Mediterranean diet, considered one of the eating patterns healthiest in the world. This model has based in consume vegetables, fish and the use of olive oil.

Breakfast is light and usuallyconsists in a cup of coffee with biscuits or a piece of toast with butter and jam, and a piece of fruit too, such as melon, apple or pear. There is a typical Spanish breakfast meal, called churros whichare deep fried, sausage-shaped fritters that are delicious. They are normally eaten with a little sugar sprinkled on top and are good for dunking in your coffee or, more traditionally, in a thick hotchocolate drink.

The Coffee Break time is usually anytime between 10:30 am and 12:00 noon. If you are in a Bar you can find it a bit crowded at this time because students and office workers aretaking a break.

Lunch in Spain consists in starter, main course, and dessert. Lunch is the main food in the day and you can eat to start vegetables salad, rice, beans, eggs or pasta and then you caneat meat or fish for main course. The dessert consists in fruit or cake. If you decided to eat out, you can find restaurant open longer hours, because lunch for the locals never starts before 14.00 pmand it's usually not before 15.00 pm.

Afternoon Snack is similar to breakfast, very light because dinner is eaten late in the evening and snack often consists of a sandwich or coffee with cakes.This may be any time between 17.00-19.00 pm.

Tipping is not a rigid habit as it may be in other countries. So, your tip would be a useful way of expressing your pleasure (or displeasure) at then foodand service that you’ve received.

And dinner is general a bit lighter than the lunch. It consists in vegetables salad, kitchen or soup. But is you eat out, one option may be Tapas, A lot of...
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