Stem cells

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Stem Cells

Scientists have brought hope to people with stem cells research. The stem cell research assures to treat or even cure diseases that humanity has suffered for many years. But thisscientific investigation has created a great controversy in the scientific field, but even more in the society. The cause to the debate is the use of human embryos conceived trough in-vitro fertilizationwith the solely purpose of investigation and therapy.
Scientists all over the word justified the utilization of this valuable biologic material because it promises to be the cure for cardiac, mentaland other chronic diseases.
On the other hand, influential sectors in the society find the use embryos for investigation is unethical. They argue that an embryo is a human being in the process ofdeveloping and it should not be use in the stem cell research.
So lets explain what a stem cell is and how it works. The stem cells are distinct to the rest of the cells because they can divide andtransform in other specialized types of cells, including the muscles, pancreas, heart, and skin. Although they can be found in adult tissues, the cells in the embryos are more helpful; they are numerousand can be kept without losing their capacities.
Nowadays, exist the possibility that embryonic cells can be transformed to the desired type to avoid tumor, but unfortunately these investigationsare limited. People seem to agree the use of the adult cells, but when it comes with embryos the arguments are indefinite. I believe that people should reflect about this idea, because of the amount ofpeople around the world suffering congenital, chronic and incurable illnesses. The leaders of our society should support these therapeutic treatments.
Besides minimizing the suffering of peoplethat suffer diseases, steam cells can help doctors to differentiate cells from each other. Also, it can be used to replace an organ and prolong someone ‘s life. I believe the benefits from steam...
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