Steve jobs

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Steve Jobs
Born on February 24, 1955, in the city of San Francisco Steven Paul Jobs born to parent Joanne Simpson and Abdul Fattah “John” Jandali two graduate students from the University of Wisconsin, at the time of his birth Steve was gave up to adoption by his parents. Steve was given in adoption because his mother Joanne could not bear the heavy duties of being a student and mother, sheworked as a speech therapist and his dad a Syrian political science professor, the thought of being a mother was too overwhelming for young Joanne. She decided to give up her son in adoptions under the condition that her son will be giving to well educated people they wanted their son to have a good feature. Ironically Steve was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs as an infant, but Clara and Paul were notexactly the type of parents that Steve’s biological parents had in mind they were not as educated or had a higher level education as Joanne’s wanted for her sons new parents they were lower middle-class couple. Joanne agreed in giving her baby up to Clara and Paul under the firm condition that they must send him to college. Clara was an accountant and Paul was a Coast Guard Veteran and machinistwho never graduated college. They lived in Mountain View located in California’s Silicon Valley.
While growing up Jobs was a handful while attending elementary schools his teachers had to bribe him with making 5 dollar bills and candy so that he would study and the administrators could keep his attention, a technique that worked well with Jobs he enjoyed being bribed; however there was a furtherpurpose on bribing jobs to study, the administrators wanted to skip him ahead to high school a proposal that his parents denied, but opted to skip him from 4th grade to middle school. Jobs was an intelligent and innovative thinker as a boy Jobs would work with his father in the garage Paul would show Steve how to take apart and reconstruct electronics for his father this was just a hobby but forJobs it was a lesson of confidence, tenacity and mechanical prowess for Jobs. After high school Jobs spent his spare time as an intern in Hewlett-Packard (hp).
While spending his free time as an intern in Hewlett-Packard, he met one of his great friends and business partners Steve Wozniak also known as “Woz” who he meat in 1969, at the time Jobs was only 14 and Woz was 19. Steve and Woz meat throwa mutual friend Bill Fernandez who was also very interested in electronics, at the time Bill and Woz were building a little computer board which was called “the Cream Soda Computer” after showing Steve their work Steve was fascinated. Despite their age difference Woz and Steve became very close friends leading to them participating together in many pranks and the make of the “blue box”, a deviceused to tap into AT&T’s long-distance switching equipment that allowed you to make free phone calls, Woz and Steve decided to build one of these famous boxes to their surprise it worked. Woz and Steve decided to sell such boxes to the Berkeley’s students that lived in the dorms. Being that the business was illegal it was not long until they almost got caught by the police forcing them to stop.Years after Woz build a computer based on another microprocessor, MOS’s Technology 502. This computer brought great results Woz showed his computer design to his dearest friend Steve and he was impressed, Steve did not know much about engineering, but he could see that there were many demands for hobbyists to write computer software. He was very glad to see that his friend had made such greatprogress in his technology, Steve suggests going into business and sell the computers to the fellow Homebrew members during their meeting being that they were talking so much about the product. In 1976 Steve Jobs only 21 and Woz decided to go in to business and start a corporation. At first they struggle with the names but decided that if they could not find anything better they would call it Apple....
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