Stross, randall e. (2000). e-boys: the true story of the six tall men who backed ebay, webvan, and other billion-dollar start-up.

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Stross, Randall E. (2000). e-Boys: the true story of the six tall men who backed eBay, Webvan, and other billion-dollar start-up. New York: Crown Business

School: Innovative process
Method: Caseanalysis
Analysis unit: Product level
Operationalization: Category, CEO, management team, venture capitalist, company builder, technology consumer driving, evaluation business potential, collectiveeffort of the best people,

“… the venture guys worked in a nicer neighborhood, funding the brand-new and the not-yet-invented… the venture guys were the financiers of our tomorrow (and got tocreate jobs in heartwarming numbers, as John Doerr, the best-known venture capitalist, never tired of reminding any reporter who would listen).” (p. xvii)

“This was a world in which the investmentcriteria used by the venture capitalists themselves were calibrated not in percentages but in multiples, as in ‘ten times our money’.” (p. xvii)

“When selecting which companies to include in thischronicle, I favored those whose products or services were aimed at a mass customer base (for example, new watches sold via the Web), rather than those aimed for information-technologies professionals(like chip sets for network-equipment manufacturers).” (p. xx)

“Recruiting a new CEO, a new management team, a number of heavyweights for the board of directors, and then bankers for the IPO –thesethings lay ahead.” (p. xxi)

“Professionals exude success, and that was the entire outside world saw.” (p. 8)

“That’s the role of ‘investors’, venture capitalists would say, pronouncing the wordwith disdain; investor is a euphemism for gambler. The role that they preferred, or at least say they preferred, was that of ‘company builder’, which meant serving as an active board member and asinformal consultant to the CEO in between board meetings.” (p. 11)

“The ideal company for Kagle would be one that combined his strength in technology and his interest in consumer marketing.” (p. 21)...
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