Subilimal messages around us

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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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People are not aware of all the subliminal messages they receive every day of their lives. We all know that we live in an environment which ambition for money is particularly important factor of ourdaily lives. The industries are constantly finding new ways in order to reach their goals and impulse the consumer to buy their products.
Nowadays is commonly used the technique involving subliminalmessages, they have developed the use of this techniques based on several experiments and researches which demonstrate that mind does not take decisions consciously in order to perform any action, butinstead the actions are done unconsciously, the use of subliminal messages are efficient in the sense that , they manipulate people’s minds. They work attacking our subconscious with positiveaffirmations, and giving as a result the action they are willing for. Obviously without the expectator knowing this is actually happening,
The efficiency of these subliminal messages effects, depends on howfrequent they are exposed to the audience, also the type of message it is tried to spread influences on the efficiency they have. Another factor which makes a difference on the efficiency is theparticular situation of a individual which has strong beliefs that she/he has carried along through all their live, towards some specific topic, it will be hard to modify this point of view with the useof the subliminal messages, but if the individual doesn’t have any defined opinion towards the topic, the subliminal messages will take the role to “guide” the person and settle the opinion accordingto what their aim was.
As we all know, children have a more suggestible mind, this is why the subliminal messages have a more effective result on them, as they are younger they have more possibilitiesto allow this “guidance” provided by this subliminal messages, the result is more easily reached, this is answers the question to many of you, about why do people have so perverse minds, and...
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