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Essay # 3 Comparison and Contrast Subject by subject

Revolutionary and Unforgettable Women

Argentina and Mexico are two Latin American countries that were in crisis during the 30’s. Mexico’s revolution had recently ended, and Argentina was under the control of a radical and conservative government. Poor people plagued both countries and money was concentrated in few hands. Although FridaKahlo was born in Mexico and Eva Duarte in Argentina, they both had the same unstoppable desire to better society. Frida and Eva encountered suffering, disease, male supremacy, and an opposing society, but they overcame their struggles in order to accomplish their beliefs and ideals, leaving behind an invaluable legacy to humanity and becoming unforgettable world history icons. "The true success ofa society is having reduced to the maximum human unhappiness, or having better prepared its people to resist misfortune, failure - that which we call unhappiness." (Vargas Llosa)
Frida Kahlo was an outstanding painter with an exceptional mind. Frida‘s paintings were controversial showing suffering and social disparities. For example, her canvas “Inferno,” done in New York is a reference of a1911, fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, where146 young immigrant workers in deplorable conditions failed to escape when the fire broke out. (Schaefer 42) She continued painting provocative and unusual canvases all her life. Her canvases that are worth millions of dollars reflected the reality of her time as she stated, “I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my ownreality.” (Schaefer, 54) When looking at her paintings, individuals could feel the painter’s pain and sense the unfairness of life.
Frida had a tormenting marriage, but it turned out to be beneficial for her. She was a fragile woman when she married Diego Rivera, an old and ugly man who was the most famous Mexican muralist painter at his time. He was also unfaithful, and Frida suffered a lotbecause f him. Even thus their marriage was not an ordinary one; she became a stronger woman and gained international exposure. Diego recognized Frida’s talent as a painter, took her to several worldwide trips, and introduced her to important and influential art dealers. Her paintings started to sell at this time.
Frida who loved her Mexican heritage wanted to show her identity with the poor peopleof her country. So after her marriage, she changed her regular way of dressing and started to use colorful native Mexican clothing. Exclusive embroidered outfits were designed only for her, each one with a special meaning. Accordingly, she arranged and interlaced her braided hair with ribbons. Indeed, she caught a lot of attention, particularly during her international trips appearing even atthe front cover of Vogue magazine in France.
Since she was little, she was a determined person, and not even her pain or multiple surgeries stopped her from becoming a successful woman. At a very early age, Frida encountered her first barrier in life; she got poliomyelitis. One leg was affected, and she limped the rest of her life. Children at school made fun of her, but Frida, an outstandingstudent who counted on her father for support, overcame this situation. She got accepted into the most prestigious high school in Mexico and later into medical school. While going to high school she met several liberalists who were against social injustice and became part of the communist party. Sadly, a terrible accident shattered her dream about becoming one of the first female medical doctors inMexico. The bus where she was traveling crashed. The accident fractured several bones of her body and the pain was unbearable; consequently, her recovery lasted a couple of years. Instead of becoming a crippled and good for nothing person, she turned her life around and started to paint wonderful masterpieces that recreated her own suffering and social injustice.
Although Frida had a lot of...
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