Suicide essay

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2010
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Suicide - An Escape Mechanism
“A woman commits suicide in a shopping center” was the head line of the newspaper last Monday. As I read the article I just couldn´t understand how can a person want todie, It is unnatural and to be fair in some way selfish. How can they just leave everything behind and make such an irrational choice, aren’t they afraid? To help me comprehend what goes on in theirminds I started to read testimonials of people that had attempted suicide. Afterward I realized that they did not want to die, but cease to live. This statement seems contradictory but becomesclearer if you think of suicide as a method to escape. People who commits suicide is in a state of mind were they just want to put an end to a certain situation or feeling that seems impossible to bare; intheir heads they are not putting an end to their life, but avoiding an otherwise unsolvable problem. Once established this premise, we have to ask ourselves, what drives people to this state of mind?Narrowing the possibilities, suicide can be related to a psychological illness, to the incapability to deal with modern life demands or with the feeling of absolute helplessness in front of a problem.The most common reason for suicide attempts is untreated depression. This emotional disease ends up in suicide when it is overlooked, because it is highly treatable. Most of the times depressionis a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, which has to be treated with medication and continuous psychological therapy. The symptoms of depression include a constant feeling of unhappiness andworthiness. Persons dealing with these feelings tend to lose interest in daily activities, sleep or eat too much or too little and alienate them-selves. Dealing with depression is usually so hardbecause people can´t help being pessimistic. Depressed people focuses only in their problems and neglect to see any positive characteristic about them or their life. They think about everything that...
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