Sunday show

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Sunday Show


Michael: Vocalist of Hotplay (Chris), Host of Sunday Show (Charles Smith), Boy 2 in the comercial and Francisco in the novel.
Oriana: Host of Sunday Show (Gaby Richard), Mrs Rodríguez, Girl 2 in the comercial, Reporter of the news (Hollywood) and Carlota in the novel.
Kathy: Britany Scott, Girl 1 in the comercial, Reporter of the news (Weather Forecast),Paloma in the novel and asistent of the show.
Julio: Baterist of Hotplay (Dave), Boy 3 in the comercial, Reporter of the news (sports) and Pedro in the novel.
Mario: Guitarist of Hotplay (Chad), Mr Rodríguez, Boy 1 in the comercial and Sebastián in the novel.

Gretel: Mary Rodríguez
José Roberto: Tony Rodríguez
Jorge: Person 1
José Miguel: Person 2
Kelly: Person 3
Bruno: PersonFrancis: Person 4
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Sunday Show

Charles Smith: Good morning everyone and welcome to your show Sunday Show. I´m Charles Smith your host. Well, today we have for you a lot of surprises. Today we going to present a very famous band, Do you know wich is it? it´s Hotplay (Aplausse). We have a knew sesion call “Help a Family” with Britany Scout our expert in this issue.But not al lis give, you will receive too. We going to play “Guess the Chacarter”, game that we going to play with one person of the public. We going to disguise the person and you must guess who is it. Then Hotplay is going to perform for us (Aplausse) and we will descover wich is the character. So lets start our Sunday Show.

Scene 1
Interview – Hotplay

Gaby Richard: Good morning my dearpublic I´m Gaby Richard. Well for start the show we have here a very famous band (Aplausse), yes i know you are excited. Well this band had filled stadiums all over the world promoting their new album call “Viva la muerte or life and all his family”, so please welcome “Hotplay” (Aplausse).

(The band enter and sit down for the interview)

Gaby: Well, wow I´m excited for having you here guys.You are very famous right now, the success that you have and have had during all these years, has been atonished. How do you feel about that?
Chris, vocalist: Wow, thanks for the introduction Gaby. Well to be honest we couldn´t imagine the success that we are having. We always have supported each other in all good or bad moments.
Gaby: Umm, i see and Have you always been like that? You couldhave problems
Dave, baterist: That´s true, we can have problems, but we as a band have built a family, because that´s what we are, and that´s what we had been for all this years no matter what.
Gaby: Excellent, it´s really amazing that success had not change your way of be. And you must keep it, because you are very weel now, you maybe should tell us your secret, ja ja, Do you want to?
Chad,guitarist: There is no secret for had through all the adversities that we have had. It´s simple, you just have to trust each other, no matter what and give them your support.
Gaby: You right, that´s all you can do. And what about the future? Do you have plans for it?
Chris: We had written a few songs, and have thougth put them on a new cd. We will tell you at the time that we decide what we going todo.
Gaby: Perfect, we will pay many attention to all the news about you guys. For finish this fantastic interview, we would like to thanks to Hotplay (Aplausse) for spend a little of your time with us in our Sunday Show. And like a surprise we can tell you my dear public that Hotplay is going to perform today at the end of the show (Aplausse).

Scene 2
Help a Family
Family RodríguezCharles Smith: Well, well you had been such a wonderfull public, and i had give you a lot of surprises and good moments but now it´s time that you give to other people all that hapyness that you had received.
For that, right now we are going to receive a family with some economical problems. Now please welcome to the Rodríguez Family (Aplausse).
(Rodríguez Family sit down)
And please lets receive...
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