Sunny delight

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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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BENZINE Siham BERTHET Juliette DIOUF Ousmane JIA Yijing MEILLAC Guillaume

→Issue: what to do with Sunny Delight in Great Britain? →History: Created by P&G, international retailcompany Huge success in the 90’s Fall in 2000 →Buying out by Orangina in 2010 →How to relaunch the product now?


Groupe n°1


A. B. C. D.

A meteoric rise
Anadequate approach Sunny Delight, a « perfect product » at a premium price Distributions skills and massive communication Amazing results

II. A terrible crash
A. Sunny Delight under attacks B. Savingprivate Sunny D ! C. The own Sunny Delight mistakes

III. What can you (Orangina) do in order to relaunch Sunny D?
A. To keep the brand and change the product B. To change both the brand and theproduct C. A few ideas
01/12/2011 Groupe n°1 3

I. A meteoric rise
A. An adequate market approach
Parent’s expectations Test market

Extensive research program in the UK

Test store

How to dealwith both customers and distributors How to deal with both customers and distributors

Gap between fruit juices and sodas

The merchandising aspect

Sunny Delight into the chillercabinets
Groupe n°1 4

I. A meteoric rise
B. A perfect product at a premium price
The dimensions of the product

Auxiliary services: Healthy, Energy, Trendy

Product Package:
Brand +Packaging

Physical Core:



Groupe n°1


I. A meteoric rise
B. A perfect product at a premium price


Pester Power


Customer value

01/12/2011Groupe n°1


I. A meteoric rise
C. Distribution skills and massive communication

The “Scarcity Effect”

To put Sunny Delight into the chiller cabinets

Visibility is the key

P&G =Powerful company that decide products positioning

Healthy image

No direct competition with other sodas brand

Groupe n°1

I. A meteoric rise
C. Distribution skills and...
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